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There are 13 events in Florence from 2013 November 08 to 2013 November 18

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Florence event | Art Exhibit: Dal Giglio al David

When: 14 May 2013 - 8 December 2013
When: Galleria Dell'Accademia
Take a look at this display featuring Civic Art in Florence from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.   »» read article

Florence event | Florence Queer Festival (50 Days of International Cinema in Florence)

When: 19 October 2013 - 1 December 2013
When: Florence, Italy
The Florence Queer festival is the most important event in Tuscany dedicated to gay, lesbian, transgender, and transsexual culture. It includes a film festival, art and photography exhibitions, theater performances, and various book presentations.   »» read article

Florence event | Art Exhibit: Della magia e dello stupore

When: 26 October 2013 - 15 December 2013
When: Palazzo Pitti
More than 40 paintings by modern artist Antonio Possenti, from Lucca - a city near Florence - are exhibited under the name 'Della Magia e Dello Stupore' (Of Magic And Wonder) at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna (Modern Art Gallery), inside Palazzo Pitti.   »» read article

Florence event | Dimora Luminosa: Santo Spirito Light Projection Competition

When: 1 November 2013 - 24 November 2013
When: Palazzo Pitti
This competition calls for original creative design ideas for use as videomapping projections on Florence's Santo Spirito Church during the 2013 Florence Light Festival (F-LIGHT), December 8 - January 12. The contest open to artists, photographers, g   »» read article

Florence event | Florence Tattoo Convention 2013

When: 8 November 2013 - 10 November 2013
When: Fortezza da Basso
315 world-famous tattoo artists, body piercers, and eclectic musicians from 25+ countries will surely entertain urban fashion lovers at this unusual event.   »» read article

Florence event | Opera: La Traviata

When: 9 November 2013
When: St. Mark's Anglican Church
The story, inspiration for the movies 'Moulin Rouge' with Nicole Kidman and 'Pretty Woman' with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, La Traviata, 'The Fallen One', tell the story of courtesan, Violetta falling in love with Alfredo Germont, a young noblema   »» read article

Florence event | Soccer (Football): Fiorentina vs. Sampdoria

When: 10 November 2013
When: Stadio Franchi
The 12th soccer match of the season for Fiorentina against Sampdoria, a team based in Genoa. Wear purple at the stadium - Forza Violaaaaaa!!   »» read article

Florence event | Market: Fiera di Santo Spirito

When: 10 November 2013
When: Piazza Santo Spirito
An antique/vintage/handicrafts market, held every second Sunday of the month in Florence's lovely Piazza Santo Spirito: a bohemian, green square on the other side of the Arno River, away from the tourists.   »» read article

Florence event | Opera: Carmen

When: 12 November 2013
When: St. Mark's Anglican Church
Soldier, Don Jose' and toreador, Escamillo on one side and two women, Micaela and the exciting Carmen, on the other. Don Jose' helps Carmen escape from prison but ends up getting into even deeper trouble, mostly because he's head-over-heels in   »» read article

Florence event | Opera: La Boheme

When: 16 November 2013
When: St. Mark's Anglican Church
One of the most touching love stories, ever. Rodolfo the poet and Mimi the seamstress meet in Paris. Bohemian life is difficult, but with help from their friends, Marcello the painter and Musetta the showgirl, they manage. However, Mimi's fragile hea   »» read article

Florence event | Antique Market: Fortezza Antiquaria

When: 16 November 2013 - 17 November 2013
When: St. Mark's Anglican Church
This monthly market sees 120 small antique dealers and collectors from around Italy showcasing their finds in the Fortezza da Basso Garden. Booths line the circular path around the garden's fountain and artificial lake, a nice backrop for vintage hun   »» read article

Florence event | Farmer's Market: La Fierucolina di Santo Spirito

When: 17 November 2013
When: Piazza Santo Spirito
This is the place to go for organic, home-grown produce, meats, and cheeses in Florence! Across the Arno river in eclectic, Piazza Santo Spirito, this market gets you away from the tourists and up close to Tuscan farmers.   »» read article

Florence event | Basketball: Enegan Firenze vs. Ravenna Piero Manetti

When: 18 November 2013
When: Mandela Forum
Florence's most important basketball team (one exists!) is up against Ravenna Piero Manetti, a challenger from the city and comune of Ravenna in the Emiglia-Romagna region of Italy (near Bologna).   »» read article

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