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There are 7 events in Florence from 2015 May 22 to 2015 June 01

Discover events in Florence while you're here!

Florence event | Sculptures also die @ Palazzo Strozzi

When: 17 April 2015 - 26 July 2015
When: Palazzo Strozzi

Sculptures Also Die

Firenze, Centre for Contemporary Cu   »» read article

Florence event | Expo 2015 in Milano

When: 1 May 2015 - 31 October 2015
When: Milano
The theme chosen for the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. This embraces technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity and how they relate to food and diet.
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Florence event | Magnificent Firenze @ Palazzo Vecchio

When: 4 May 2015 - 31 October 2015
When: Palazzo Vecchio
The magnificent history of the period that changed forever the perception of Beauty in the world...
Enjoy the ride through the Renaissance, don't miss this exhibition at Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.   »» read article

Florence event | The Gunman - Original Sound Movie @ Odeon

When: 21 May 2015 - 31 May 2015
When: Odeon Cinema

»» read article

Florence event | Modaprima 78 2015 @ Fortezza da Basso

When: 22 May 2015 - 24 May 2015
When: Fortezza da Basso
Modaprima 78 | 22-24 May 2015
Fashion & accessories collections for s/s 2016 and the bestsellers of a/w 2015-2016

  »» read article

Florence event | Rodriguez Sugar Man @ Teatro Verdi

When: 23 May 2015
When: Teatro Verdi
Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, also known as Rodríguez or Jesús Rodríguez (born July 10, 1942), is an American folk musician from Detroit, Michigan. His career initially proved short lived, with two little-sold albums in the early 1970s and t   »» read article

Florence event | Fiorentina vs. Chievo @ Stadio Franchi (3pm)

When: 31 May 2015
When: Stadio Franchi
Fiorentina plays Chievo (the second team of the city of love, Verona), this is the 38th soccer game of the season for Fiorentina! Don't miss this one! The atmosphere at the stadium will be a lot of fun and don't forget to wear the viola scarf...!   »» read article

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