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There are 14 events in Florence from 2013 December 10 to 2013 December 20

Discover events in Florence while you're here!

Florence event | Art Exhibit: Della magia e dello stupore

When: 26 October 2013 - 15 December 2013
When: Palazzo Pitti
More than 40 paintings by modern artist Antonio Possenti, from Lucca - a city near Florence - are exhibited under the name 'Della Magia e Dello Stupore' (Of Magic And Wonder) at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna (Modern Art Gallery), inside Palazzo Pitti.   »» read article

Florence event | Weihnachtsmarkt – German Christmas Market

When: 28 November 2013 - 16 December 2013
When: Piazza Santa Croce
Every year, more than a dozen countries from around the world come to Florence's Piazza Santa Croce to sell their traditional crafts and foods, in the spirit of the holidays and the style of an authentic German Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market).   »» read article

Florence event | Una Finestra Sul Nord Film Festival: Finno-Ugric Dialogues (50 Days of International Cinema in Florence)

When: 8 December 2013 - 11 December 2013
When: Cinema Odeon
Translating to, "A Window On The North," this festival focuses on Finno-Ugric language films, with a special feature on women's stories, directed by women. The festival aims to show the intercultural exchange between Finland, Estonia, and Hungary - w   »» read article

Florence event | Firenze light festival F-LIGHT 2013-2014

When: 8 December 2013 - 12 January 2014
When: Florence, Italy
The Florence Light Festival (F-LIGHT for short) puts on an illuminating show every holiday season. From a giant Christmas tree in Piazza Duomo, to glimmering garlands and strings of lights, to animated video projections mapped onto the facades of Flo   »» read article

Florence event | Balkan Express Film Festival (50 Days of International Cinema in Florence)

When: 12 December 2013 - 13 December 2013
When: Cinema Odeon
This is the first exhibition of contemporary cinema in Italy entirely dedicated to the Western Balkans. It aims to overturn the stereotypes and prejudices about soon-to-be, EU-member countries "on the other side" of the Adriatic.   »» read article

Florence event | Premio NICE (50 Days of International Cinema in Florence)

When: 13 December 2013
When: Cinema Odeon
NICE is a non-profit cultural organization that has been promoting Florentine and Tuscan cinema abroad for more than two decades. Every year, they host a film festival in the U.S. where 7-8 of the best films produced in Italy are screened for and vot   »» read article

Florence event | Ethnomusical Film Festival: Immagini e Suoni del Mondo (50 Days of International Cinema in Florence)

When: 14 December 2013 - 15 December 2013
When: Cinema Odeon
The "Images and Sounds of the World" film festival is now in its 6th edition. It showcases international music-related cinema (from musicals to musician's biographies), including some never-before-seen in Italy documentaries.   »» read article

Florence event | 2x1 Saturday Train Tickets!

When: 14 December 2013
When: Florence, Italy
Get two Trenitalia tickets for the price of one every Saturday! Travel with a friend and pay for just one ticket! This special offer works on 1st and 2nd class tickets in Business, Premium, and Standard class on all national trains (unfortunately NOT   »» read article

Florence event | Soccer (Football): Fiorentina vs. Bologna

When: 15 December 2013
When: Stadio Franchi
The so-called "Derby of the Apennines" is a very important soccer match for Fiorentina; a win confirms their spot among the best teams in Italy. We recommend seeing this one at the stadium!   »» read article

Florence event | Farmer's Market: La Fierucolina di Santo Spirito

When: 15 December 2013
When: Piazza Santo Spirito
This is the place to go for organic, home-grown produce, meats, and cheeses in Florence! Across the Arno river in eclectic, Piazza Santo Spirito, this market gets you away from the tourists and up close to Tuscan farmers.   »» read article

Florence event | Basketball: Enegan Firenze vs. Viola Reggio Calabria

When: 15 December 2013
When: Mandela Forum
Florence's most important basketball team (one exists!) is up against Viola Reggio Calabria, a challenger all the way from the commune of Reggio Calabria in the Calabria region of Italy (the toe of the boot).   »» read article

Florence event | LIDA Vegan Dinner & Raffle - For The Animals!

When: 16 December 2013
When: Mandela Forum
Are you a vegetarian, vegan, or do you just love animals? Lida Firenze (the Italian League for Animal Rights-Lega Italiana dei Diritti dell'Animale) Firenze is organizing a Vegan dinner with proceeds going to help our furry Tuscan friends! Menu:-Vega   »» read article

Florence event | Beer School

When: 16 December 2013
When: Mandela Forum
What can you do on Monday evenings? Get educated! Here's a school you'll actually want to go to: BEER SCHOOL!From 21:00 to 22:00, you can study the delight of tasting five craft beers in one hour, with explanations of each, from Italy and around the   »» read article

Florence event | Ballet: Lo Schiaccianoci (The Nutcracker)

When: 20 December 2013 - 31 December 2013
When: Mandela Forum
The Nutcracker ballet is coming to town for Christmas!!! This classic holiday performance will run for one week at Florence's most famous theater. A must-see this Florentine holiday season!   »» read article

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